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    3.6V Ni-cd batteries

    KD 11.100
    3.6V Ni-cd batteries can store power for long LED light to enable use even in the dark Speeds up to 200 cycles / min 10 screwdriver bits with flowers

    B&D 530W Leaf Blower

    KD 14.900
    Compact and lightweight Robust and durable motor for all DIY purposes Consistent single speed air flow feature for all the tasks at hand Blowing and suction capability Comes with a lock on switch and easy to hold handle which makes it convenient for long usages Specially designed rubber nozzle to direct air flow exactly where required

    B&D 10.8V Drill Driver, 200mA F5 Charger x 1.5Ah Batt

    KD 26.000
    مثقاب كهربائي لاسلكي بقوة ١٠٫٨ فولت من بلاك آند ديكر (BDCDD12) The handy 10.8V drill driver is the perfect tool for your toolbox. With a 11 clutch positions for precise control, for drilling into wood, plastic and all screw driving tasks. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use in those tight and hard to reach areas. Illuminate your work space with the onboard LED light. Uses a lithium-ion battery that holds 80% of its charge over 90days, whilst idle. Start your project today.

    B&D 11 Pc Flip Handle Screwdriver Set

    KD 2.250
    طقم مفكات ١١قطعة براغي من بلاك آند ديكر (A7140-XJ)

    B&D 1400w 185mm Circular Saw

    KD 27.000
    منشار دائري 185 ملم 1400 واط من بلاك اند ديكر (CS1004-B5)

    B&D 1400w Single Speed Standard Jigsaw

    KD 13.900
    منشار دائري 185 ملم 1400 واط من بلاك اند ديكر (JS10-B5)

    B&D 18V Drill Driver, 400mA F5 Charger 2x 1.5Ah Battery, DTV Kitbox

    KD 45.900
    مثقاب متعدد المهام بقوة ١٨ فولت من بلاك آند ديكر (BDCDC18KB)

    B&D 19 Pc 6V Battery Powered Screwdriver Set

    KD 4.900
    Black and Decker Screwdriver helps in fixing tasks around the house. مفك براغي لاسلكي يعمل بالبطارية قوة ٦ فولت من بلاك آند ديكر (A7073-XJ)

    B&D 3.6V Next Gen Lithium Screwdriver

    KD 10.900
    مفك براغي لاسلكي قوة ٣,٦ فولت من بلاك آند ديكر (CS3651LC)

    B&D 30 Pc Screwdriver Screw Set & Titanium Drill Bits

    KD 5.750
    اطقم ادوات ٣٠ قطعة من بلاك آند ديكر (A7183-XJ)

    B&D 3000W Leaf Blower and Vacuum

    KD 40.990

    B&D 32 Pc Screwdriving Set

    KD 3.900
    اطقم ادوات ٣٢ قطعة من بلاك آند ديكر (A7094-XJ)

    B&D 44 Pc 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver Set

    KD 14.250
    Kit with the cordless screwdriver and accessories - 44 pcs Rechargeable cordless screwdriver Voltage: 3.6V 3-position, allows the implementation of most of the household tasks screw, housing suitable for practical use مفك براغي لاسلكي مع ٤٤ رأس تبديل من بلاك آند ديكر (A7145)

    B&D 45 Pc Ratchet Screwdriver Bit Set

    KD 4.500
    مجموعة رؤوس مفك البراغي ٤٥ حبة من بلاك آند ديكر (A7039-XJ)

    B&D 5 Pc Masonary Drill Bit Set (4,5,6,8,10 mm)

    KD 1.900
    قطع المثقاب ٥ قطع من بلاك آند ديكر (X56035-QZ)

    Black & Decker

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