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    Picture of 3 Beam Line Laser DW089K With Tripod

    3 Beam Line Laser DW089K With Tripod

    The 3 Beam Line Laser aids in 90-degree layout. Features 2 times brighter diode to increase visibility in bright job site conditions. Built-in magnetic pivot bracket mounts easily on metal surfaces.
    KD 180.000
    Picture of Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Laser Measure

    Bosch GLM 120 C Professional Laser Measure

    The smart solution for measuring and documenting surroundings, even outdoors Digital viewfinder with zoom function allows for precision over large distances, outdoors and in complex surroundings High-contrast IPS colour display provides optimal readability Remote controlling for rapid measurements and Measuring Master App for simple results documentation
    KD 116.000
    PLL1 P

    Bosch PLL1 P Line Laser

    Its a combined functionality of spirit level and line laser in one. Projects horizontal, vertical, or diagonal laser lines (up to 5 m) or dots (up to 20 m) Flexible wall holder works conveniently with all surfaces. Easy to operate – fast and precise results with accuracy of ± 0.5 mm/m. Perfect for hanging pictures or aligning cabinets, switches, and sockets at the same height.
    KD 23.250 KD 15.500
    Digital Laser Measure Zamo

    Bosch Zamo III Digital Laser Measurement Device

    In the era of advanced technologies, one-touch precise measurements are made possible by Zamo III digital measurement device. It works with laser technology and ensures highest accuracy. The device can be connected to the tape, wheel and line adapters which allow measurements of curves and uneven surfaces, circumference, area and more.
    KD 53.000 KD 27.900
    Picture of Dewalt DW088K-XJ Laser with DE0881-XJ Tripod

    Dewalt DW088K-XJ Laser with DE0881-XJ Tripod

    Line laser, self leveling with double switch and oversized body. Equipped with magnetic mounts and aluminum tripod.Self levelling up to 4°surface angle with automatic out of level indication.2 button operation and low battery indication for ease of use.
    KD 99.500
    Picture of Dewalt Laser Distance Meter 100M-DW03101-XJ-

    Dewalt Laser Distance Meter 100M-DW03101-XJ-

    With either metric or imperial measurement, for ease of use, white backlit screen and huge functionality the Dewalt DW03101 is a class leading laser measurer. Manufactured to withstand the inevitable drops and falls on the job site and has a range of up to 100m and class leading accuracy of +/- 1mm/m. Common end-user functions : linear meter readings, surface and volume calculations - It will add or subtract readings and calculate distance in Metric and Imperial. The user can select the unit to continually measure which allows layout applications. Pythagoras indirect height function will allow to measure distances even when point A and/or point B isn't accessible for linear measurement. Other features include triangular area calculation to provide angle measurement, rubber over mould provides great durability, white illuminated screen for clearer and more visible data, flip down rear guide for accurate measurements in corners and simple 7 button interface for ease of use.
    KD 77.700
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