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    Picture of B+D Hand Blender, 300W and B+D BPA-Free Plastic Kettle, 1.7L
    Picture of Metabo Straight Grinder,400W,34000R,Deadman switch

    Metabo Straight Grinder,400W,34000R,Deadman switch

    400W,34000R,Deadman switch
    KD 31.200 KD 23.500
    Picture of Metabo Variable Speed Impact Drill BE 850-2, 13mm, 850W
    Picture of SANA Hand Sanitizer - 300ml

    SANA Hand Sanitizer - 300ml

    HAND SANITIZER is a strong hand sanitizer containing ethanol which is known to be very effective micro biocide for hand disinfectionManufacturing approved by Ministry of Health
    KD 1.500 KD 0.700
    Picture of 2 Pcs  MYSTAR Wheel Barrow Solid Gray C/W

    2 Pcs MYSTAR Wheel Barrow Solid Gray C/W

    Wheelbarrows are used to handle various tasks in construction, agriculture and elsewhere, so the tray and tire quality should meet the standards for those tasks. Mystar has created this heavy-duty wheelbarrow on a single wide pneumatic wheel that is easily pushed on any ground and keeps it stable while wheeling. The tray is made of double-pressed material with rolled edges and can be loaded with up to 150kg of weight without deformation and bowing. The rubber handles ensure a fine grip and no-damage wheeling.
    KD 20.000 KD 17.250
    red & white chain

    3 Pcs Plastic Chain Red and White (55 g / mtr) - 25 m / Bg

    This plastic barrier chains is effectively used to visually separate spaces, control pedestrians or lines, to protect people or property. It's made of high quality durable material, which is UV resistant, will not rust and can withstand weather conditions.
    KD 7.500 KD 6.500
    Picture of 5 Steps LADDER WITH  PLATFORM


    A must-have for every home. With this 5-step tread ladder even the farthest corners are within reach. The anti-skid coating on leg bottoms and step surfaces make this ladder safe on every type of hard and soft floor. Easily foldable, the ladder doesn't take much space and can be vertically stored in tight areas.
    KD 7.000 KD 5.850
    PLL1 P

    Bosch PLL1 P Laser Spirit Level

    This pocket-size handy device is great for aligning pictures, curtain rails, setting and installing furniture. It is easily mounted on any wall surface projecting vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines or dots for any type of operation.
    KD 23.250 KD 15.500
    Picture of Bosch Tin Box Truvo Digital Detector

    Bosch Tin Box Truvo Digital Detector

    Switch it on, detect, drill! Simple detection of live cables and metal objects A clear LED traffic light display and warning tone indicate places where drilling should not be carried out Practical auto-calibration for direct start-up Easy one-button handling Scan walls and ceilings before drilling holes for hanging pictures or installing lights
    KD 22.000 KD 15.000
    Digital Laser Measure Zamo

    Bosch Zamo III Digital Laser Measurement Device

    In the era of advanced technologies, one-touch precise measurements are made possible by Zamo III digital measurement device. It works with laser technology and ensures highest accuracy. The device can be connected to the tape, wheel and line adapters which allow measurements of curves and uneven surfaces, circumference, area and more.
    KD 53.000 KD 27.900
    Jeragh LED Light Bulb

    Bright LED Energy Saving Light Bulb, Cool White, 6500K - 3 Pcs

    Save more with just one bulb: reduced electricity costs and prolonged bulb life. E14 Led light bulb has a cool white color temperature and is ideal especially in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. The light is soft and penetrative and eliminates shadows.
    KD 5.250 KD 4.750
    Picture of Car Care Combo

    Car Care Combo

    Sana Car Shampoo, Car Wash Liquid, 4L Sana Engine Coolant, 4L Mahar Glass Cleaner Spray, 700ml
    KD 3.000
    Picture of Car Essentials Combo

    Car Essentials Combo

    Combo Consists of: -TOTAL High Pressure Washer- 1400W -Sana Car Shampoo, Car Wash Liquid, 4L -TOTAL Socket Set 1/2"Dr. - 12Pcs
    KD 31.750 KD 22.000
    kitchen cleaning combo

    Clean Kitchen Combo

    Al-Emlaq Juicy Lime Super Gel 1 Kg, Corazzi Magic Cell 2 Pcs Blister, Corazzi Scouring Pads Bobbi 5 Pcs, Corazzi Sc.Sponges Fantasy 5 Pcs, MICRO SANA SURFACE SANITIZER SPRAY 700 ML, AL Emlaq Glass Cleaner Lemon 690ml, SANA KITCHEN DEGREASER WHITE LEMON 600ML, Al-Emlaq Dish Wash Liquid Lemon 900ml, SHATHA hand Wash LEMON VERBENA 350 ml
    KD 5.000
    Padlock Combo -Yale

    Combo Offer 3Pcs Yale Combination Padlock size 28mm

    No compromise on safety. Trusted for hundreds of times, Yale combination padlock is an absolutely safe lock to be used on internal or external doors, travel bags and suitcases. Easily installed and quickly locked, the smooth polish and modern bright look turn the lock into a stylish accessory.
    KD 5.250 KD 3.850
    Cylinder lock combo

    Combo offer 4Pcs Cylinder Yale

    This door lock cylinder has a regular size and will fit to all standard doors. Made of durable and rust proof materials, the lock cylinder will serve you for a long time ensuring proper security.
    KD 10.800 KD 9.850
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