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    Heating Tools

    Multiple varieties of Best Quality hot glue guns, heat gun, soldering tools and accessories like glue gun sticks, soldering iron & wire and much more
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    Cordless Hot Glue Pen

    Endless possibilities to bring creativity to life Compact and convenient, for a fun experience while gluing Ergonomic pen shape fits comfortably in the hand Quickly glue, attach, or make repairs on a wide variety of materials Cordless freedom with environmentally friendly rechargeable AA batteries with 140 Pcs glue sticks free. (transparent 70Pcs + multi color 70Pcs)
    KD 20.800 KD 15.500
    PKP 18 E

    Glue Gun PKP18E

    The glue gun PKP 18 is a handy all-purpose gluing device Effortlessly glues wood, leather, carton, paper, textiles, cork and stone, as well as glass and metal Mechanical feed system for sensitive metering and targeted, rapid application Safe working thanks to the nozzle with heat shield
    KD 13.000 KD 10.000
    Picture of Heat Gun Bosch GHG 16-50 Professional

    Heat Gun Bosch GHG 16-50 Professional

    Entry-level heat gun with true ease of use 1 - Compact: Reduced size and lightweight 2 - True ease of use thanks to two ""Airflow Temperature"" settings 3 - Hands-free mode thanks to the stable stationary working position
    KD 25.000 KD 20.000
    Picture of TOTAL Plastic Tube Welding Tool - 63mm (800W,1500W)
    Picture of 0-GR100 STANLEY PRO GLUE GUN KIT
    Picture of 1800W, 50-400 / 50-600 deg C, 250 / 450 Litre / Min heat gun

    1800W, 50-400 / 50-600 deg C, 250 / 450 Litre / Min heat gun

    Power -1800 W 50-400 / 50-600 °C 250 / 450 Litre Durable design with added protection for the heating element
    KD 20.500
    Picture of B&D Heat Gun 1800w

    B&D Heat Gun 1800w

    مسدس حراري من بلاك آند ديكر (KX1650-B5)
    KD 12.900
    Picture of Heat Gun STXH2000-B5 2000W-
    Picture of Hot Air Gun

    Hot Air Gun

    KD 10.000
    Metabo Germany Control Hot-air gun 2300W
    Metabo Germany Hot-air gun 1600W
    Metabo Germany Hot-air gun 2000 W
    Metabo Glue gun 11 mm dia 18g/min 200 C
    Picture of SATA-03212ME-SOLDERING IRON, 45W


    KD 2.530
    Picture of  Glue Gun - 100 W

    Glue Gun - 100 W

    Brand :TOTAL
    KD 2.250
    Picture of TOTAL  Heat Gun- 2000 W

    TOTAL Heat Gun- 2000 W

    TOTAL Heat Gun - 2000W is used to strip paint, shrink tubing, shrink film, dry out damp wood, thaw frozen pipes, and much more
    KD 8.000
    Picture of TOTAL Soldering Iron Electric - 40W

    TOTAL Soldering Iron Electric - 40W

    TOTAL Electric Soldering Iron - 40W is an essential to solder electronic components are connected to the circuit board and for lots more
    KD 2.000


    * Three temperature settings and a removable heat shield for versatility. * Heating element provides fast heat-up time and even heat distribution. * On-off switch with three steps for selecting temperature and airflow options. * Back of gun has a slip-resistant rubberised surface for standing. * Variety of task-specific nozzles are perfectly designed for each application.
    KD 27.000 KD 22.000
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