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    Magnetic Drill Press 1500 W 50 MM

    Manufacturer: DCA
    Specification : - Rated Power Input (W) : 1500 - Max.Drilling Capacity (mm) : 50
    SKU: AJC02-23
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    KD 250.000
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    Magnetic Drill commonly known as adsorption drill, it comes with an electromagnet, can be adsorbed on the steel parts of the horizontal, side, top and curved (need to add spacers between the electromagnet and the surface) and drilling on. It effort than using an electric drill, labor, high precision machining.

    Features a 15000N strong suction electromagnets, protective switch, ensures higher security. Compact structure, light weight, high flexibility, suitable for field installation and aerial work.

    • Rated Power Input:                  1600(W)

    • Max. Drilling Capacity:

    •             Twist Drill Bit                 Φ23(mm)

    •             Core Drill Bit                  Φ50(mm)

    • Magnetism:                             15000(N)

    • Tapping:                              M6-M20(mm)

    • No-load Speed:130-260/260-520(r/min)

    • Max. Stroke :                          220 (mm)

    • Connector :                           Mt3 Shank

    • Net Weight :                              24.0(kg)

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