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Pop Airt Wild Berries 75 ml

Pop Airt Wild Berries 75 ml

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Pop Airt is the new line of eccentric and colorful Mafra spray perfumes. The extravagant and lively graphics take inspiration from the colors and style of Pop Art. The new six sparkling and exclusive fragrances create a truly unique and bubbly atmosphere both at home and in your car.

The main feature of these new perfumers is the exclusive and innovative cap impregnated with perfume that facilitates the choice between the various fragrances.

Pop Airt does not cover but neutralizes bad smells in a persistent and effective way, releasing a fresh and lively scent into your car or home.

With its new line of POP AiRT spray perfumes, MAFRA revolutionizes the world of perfumers, which can be used not only in the car but also at home and in the workplace. The product can be nebulized in the air or sprayed on fabrics, to obtain a pleasant fragrance that lasts for a long time and gives a personal touch to the environment. POP AiRT perfumes can be easily stored in the car's glove box, ready to be used whenever you want to renew the air, eliminating bad smells such as smoke, smog and those of animals.

Each fragrance is composed of fresh and light top notes, stronger and more persistent heart notes, finally the base notes that is the personality of the perfume.

Pop Airt Wild Berries, fruity and flowery cherry fragrance, with top notes of peach pulp, cherry and wild berries, heart notes of strawberry, gardenia, peony and heliotrope. Base notes of vanilla and vegetable sap.

Pop Airt Wild Berries, 75ml of a new Italian fragrance by Mafra!

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